What is StopModReposts?

StopModReposts is a movement against illegal redistribution of
Minecraft content, mainly focused on mods. The movement consists of a website, a Twitter campaign, a list of illegal mod mirrors, and several browser plugins. We also have an IRC channel and a Twitter profile.

To report a site that might be illegally redistributing mods, please open an issue in our issue tracker.
We do currently target reposts of the following content types: mods,
resource packs, maps, and modpacks. In addition, we target websites
providing malicious Minecraft content.

Why is mod theft a problem?

Outdated Versions
When users find a bug, they then go to the mod author to report it. The problem is, that the bug was fixed 2 months ago! This is very annoying for both the author and the user.

Wrong Minecraft Versions
Those websites are marking the mods as working with wrong Minecraft version. They do this to get more downloads. The user will then go to the mod author and complain.

Possible Malware
Mods from those sites might be packaged with malware, and shouldn’t be trusted.

Making money off other people’s work
Those sites are placing other peoples mods behind AdFly links, and other ads, and are directly earning money fromĀ other people’s work.

Stealing Money
When many people download from those sites instead of the official sites, the author loses revenue. Modders don’t earn much from their mods, but small amounts of money can be a big motivation.

Stealing Downloads
Maybe one of the most encouraging things about making mods, is seeing your mods getting lots of downloads. When many users download from those sites instead of the official sites, the author loses many of downloads from his/her server. This is extremely discouraging for the modder.

Just the feeling of finding your mods on those websites is extremely discouraging for many people. Lets say that you wrote a book. The day after, you see the book in a shop, with a big “9books” logo on the front page. You haven’t even been notified. How would you feel? You then read the books ToS, and see that “9books” is claiming to own your book! This is extremely discouraging.