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Are you a mod author having your mods stolen?
Own a mod? Having people earning money on them without permission? I know the feeling. File a DMCA┬átakedown notice to request removal of copyrighted content (your mod). They are also warnings to the site that legal action may be taken if they don’t remove the copyrighted material. Make sure that your DMCA is sent to the correct people. DMCAs are legal documents, and you must make sure you understand the full procedure, and the consequenses for not following it.

You could also send AdFly an abuse report about the links used on the websites, using their abuse report form.

Additionally, you can tell Google about it, and they’ll de-list the infringing page.

Another way to help is by putting a large warning in your mod post telling that all other downloads are illegal and possibly malicious. The more bad publicity against those sites, the better! Just remember to not post site names, as that might make people visit them.

Not a mod author, but want to help?
You can share the link to this website, or support the campaign on Twitter! #StopModReposts

Remember to download our plugin, it will automatically warn you whenever you enter a repost site! It exists in 3 different versions, a Chrome version, a Firefox version, and a Opera version.

We also need to warn existing users of those websites! Go to some of the illegal sites and post comments telling about their illegality, their possible malicious files, and their outdated versions. Do not include links in your comments, as comments with links needs to be approved. Remember to turn on adblock, we don’t want to give them money!