Don't give them a chance!

Mod reposting websites are harmful to modders.
Using them puts your computer at risk. Our goal
is to lead the way and help you stay protected.


What is reposting?

Reposting describes the uncredited re-uploading of (mostly copyrighted) files without the permission of the author.

Reposting is basically one of the worst things a mod author can go through and here is why:

Malicious software

If a mod gets reposted, the mod author doesn't have any control over the files on the reposting site. This means that malware/adware could get on your computer when downloading/using the mod.

Less income for the Developers

Developers live from income. If you download on reposting sites, they won't get any revenue which means less mods in the future.

Outdated versions

Mostly, reposting sites link you to outdated versions, which means more bugs and sometimes even game lags for you.

What we do

We do our best, to provide you with up-to date lists, a browser extension to block sites and more.

Block bad sites

Don't want to accedently visit one? Download our browser extension to stop the mod reposts!

Submit new sites

We submit sites nearly every month. Want to help other users? Find and upload sites so others won't download on such sites.

Open Source on GitHub

Visit our repository to find all new sites! Also, we're allways happy about a star!

The Team

Meet our amazing team of creators.



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bilde2910 is a developer who joined StopModReposts when it was in its early age. He made the chrome extension and maintains the whole project with his team.



BerrySauce is a student developer and designer who joined StopModReposts after making the AntiModRepost campaign.

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