General Questions

How can I get involved?

Please visit the "How to get involved" page for more information.

Do you have an IRC Channel?

Yes, #StopModReposts at irc.esper.net! Make sure to read the rules before joining.

How can I add a site?

You can notify us about a site via Social Media, the Contact Form on this page or via the "Issues" tab on GitHub.

Site Owners

My site is wrongly listed

You can contact us via our Contact Form to get your site removed if it really doesn't violate our rules.
If you just purchased a listed domain: The domain owner before you might have done some illegal activities with your domain. Please contact us so we can remove your domain from our lists. Also contact your domain registrar if needed, to check, if your domain is off their abuse lists too. 

How do I comply with the rules?

Contact us for a list of To-Do's. After you comply with the rules, we will remove your site from the list.

Still got Questions?

Contact our Team and we'll answer you as quickly as we can!
You can also join our Discord Server to talk with us!