How to get involved

It's not hard to help!

1   Don't visit the listed sites

These sites mostly make ad revenue from every visit. Visiting the reposting sites supports them. You can download our free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera here.

2   Report reposting sites

If you discover a new site, and don't see it on our lists, then feel free to notify us about the site via the Contact Form.

3   Contact mod authors

Ask the mod authors if they permitted the reposting. Please don't spam them, and only contact them, when multiple mods made by them where reposted.

4   Support us on Twitter

Every Follower, Like and Retweet helps. Also, feel free to use our Hashtag #StopModReposts and #AntiModRepost.

5   For Mod Authors: Request the removal of your mod.

You can file a DMCA takedown notice to request the removal of your mod.
Please keep in mind: DMCAs are legal documents, and you must make sure you understand the full procedure, and the consequenses for not following it.